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Playing DBZU

Take a look at the ENT Gaming list if you want to play DBZU. Either join an existing game or host your own. You can also join our Discord where people announce when they host games.

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DB Multiverse

[DB Multiverse]


Posted by Yeran (Admin) at Feb 9 2018, 06:02 AM. 0 comments

The entire activity of this board had been shifted to our Discord:

Please join there instead if you want to discuss or play the game.

How to play Ultimate Dragonball (for free)

Posted by Yeran (Admin) at Aug 10 2016, 05:43 PM. 9 comments

This is outdated since the new Patch!

Step 1 - Download:
- Download the Warcraft III Installer for Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne. Unpack with WinRAR or 7-Zip.

Step 2 - Installation:
- Install the game (RoC first, then TFT). The following CD-Keys are basically the first you will find if you google for it. Those "public" Keys are banned for use on the, however they will work for installing the game!
- RoC CD-Key: F9R4Z2 W92H YTV2 26 Z2V2 XZVDXG

Step 3 - Patching:
Visit Blizzard's Patching Classic Games website and select WC3. Download the Patch for TFT and install.

Step 4 - Eurobattle:
- Follow steps 2 and 3 on the Eurobattle website.
Eurobattle is the most popular PvPGN server for WC3. Note that you have to re-activate your account every few month.
- You can now start the Eurobattle client and launch WC3 via it. Log into the (euro) with your account and start joining/playing custom games.

Step 5 - Hosting & Playing:
You can check the game list of MakeMeHost or ENT Gaming. to see if someone has already hosted a game.

If that's not the case:

How to host games with ENT Gaming:
- Register an account on the ENT Registration page.
- Go and add the map you want to host to your personal maps here
- Use this page and select your name, map and dedicated server location (it will host on all servers and Eurobattle, this is just for latency).

It may also be a good idea to join our Discord where we set up games.

DBZU and DBB Discord Channel

Posted by Yeran (Admin) at Aug 2 2016, 02:32 AM. One comment

I set up a Discord Channel for Ultimate Dragonball.

I had heard a bit about the app beforehand and when Avarize used it for DBB beta testing I thought it functioned really well.

We will still have the QQ group, but personally QQ always had issues for me and registering an account takes a bit longer and stuff. That's why I think having an alternative won't hurt.

Join by clicking this link:
For Dragonball Budokai:

Domain renewal

Posted by ForTiNeRo (Former Project Leader) at Apr 12 2016, 03:42 AM. One comment

The DBZU.NET domain has been renewed this week until apr 2017, reason why the site had been down for a little while, the payment was overdue.

It's being mantained with the funds we collected a couple of years ago, but that was probably the last payment we can cover due to the lack of money.

Donations (HERE) are -still- being much appreciated. Be the good guy that spares a few bucks of the steam money to make this community keep rolling for each of us :cow:

Ultimate Dragonball v6.1

Posted by Yeran (Admin) at Mar 1 2016, 11:36 PM. 22 comments

May 4 2016 [6.1]

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Posted Image Join the BOT and play the game!


Posted Image 地图下载
Translated to simplified Chinese by Anby (U9论坛)

It took me a while, but here we go.

Changelog 6.1B1 - March 2 2016

Changelog 6.1B2 - March 4 2016

Changelog 6.1B3 - March 13 2016

Changelog 6.1B4 - March 14 2016

Changelog 6.1 - May 4 2016

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