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-bebi gets super galick gun (functions more or less as a super kame)

-> I don't particularly like the SK mechanics, at least not as long as it doesn't clash. It's also on way too many Heroes already atm. I understand the intention of giving Evils a SK, but I would just rather nerf the spell than randomly put it on Bebi. I am considering giving him back minions though, not to farm however, but rather for scouting purposes only.

-sagas have neutral position

-> Well, I agree with the sentiment, but easier said than done. Maybe if I rework the terrain in 6.3?

-main saga and bonus saga spawn at the same time everytime (timer starts only when both are dead for the next one)

-> Not generally against it, but I don't really see the benefit either: Why?

-main saga gives 5-8 boss powerups bonus saga gives 3-5 boss powerups

-> Why?

-bojack earrings 2 uses with 0 cd

-> Well, not literally 0cd since that would cause issues, but yea 1s so you can use them directly after each other. Or maybe 5s so there is some counter play.

-detector transforms into 13's core (allows you to shoot SS deadly bomber on target location) 60 sec cd

-> No? Why?

-hirudegan music box transforms into hirudegan's head (allows you to cast fire breath with reduced range) 40 sec cd

-> I like how the item works now, why change it like this?

-king cold drops stasis trap 3 uses no cd (place a trap on the ground for 120 seconds if you walk into it you are rooted 3 seconds, dash breaks it)

-> Good idea. Might even make it into 6.2.

-sagas have fixed patrols or wont move at all

-> Pathing should be fixed, but 6.3....

-there will be a chicken at entrance of tourney Z side (at the right gate) and a chicken at evil side (in front of the entry)

-> That's just a random free chicken for each team. Maybe if there was one in a potentially contested spot it could be interesting.

-hidden senzus removed, everyone starts with 1 senzu

-> Same as above.

-gohan spawn in the river that connects the 2 sides of namek in the middle
-17 spawns in lab at the healing pod
-broly spawns in the village next to him
-dabura spawns near desert namek entrance
-bebi spawns on the right of senzu location in river

-> I will have to see about those. Spawns are intentionally placed so that no creeps will be in aggro range at the start. But the strategically relevant ones could make sense.

-goku W damage nerfed range slightly increased

-> That's fine I guess.

-goku D gets same cast time as dabura's fire

- Well, cast time would be good, maybe not quite that much. I was going to vastly decrease AoE instead.

-goku E reworked into battle plan works as power uub's D, gives goku 1 mana regen/s bonus for 15 seconds costs 0 and empowers next ability used, W deals more damage (same as it does now), R starts slightly faster, D goes through terrain.

-> Nah, his E is perfectly fine.

-kaioken gets 1 second cast time to activate (goku can move during the cast time kaioken will just activate in 1 second instead so you must time it)

-> That is a pretty interesting idea actually, I like it.

-vegeta D removed
-vegeta E second explosion comes faster

-> Nah, he will get some nerf on W for now.

-gotenks ghosts die way faster
-gotenks super kame reworked into ultra volleyball attack (basically a deathball type of skill)
-gotenks W reworked into 17 hell storm type of skill
-gotenks splitting headache cast time same as cell super kame and it lights the ground where it falls

-> Yeah, Gotenks pretty much needs a complete rework. That's 6.3 territory though. Ghosts dying faster can be done now. I kinda like the mind games part of Splitting Headaches, but of course the current state of the spell isn't great anyway.

-gohan new skill enraged stomp (charges 0.7 second then hits the ground with his foot and damages and pushes enemy way like frieza's W)

-> Yeah, I had something similar planned.

-frieza's disks will chase closest enemy after reaching destination, speed reduced after reaching destination

-> Nice idea, probably 6.3 stuff though.

-arm item removed

-> Why? I could understand making it clash and making it a skillshot.

-17's red barrier gives him mana 20 mana back for the first damage instance received by the barrier

-> I would rather remove the activation mana cost.

17 can rotate while casting hellstorm

-> Not sure.

-17 E speed increased

-> Maybe very slightly.

-17 W damage buff, no longer pushes enemies

-> Nah, it's a core aspect of his playstyle.

-cell absorb steals 10% of the enemy's stats for 5 seconds

-> Well, it should be a skillshot first of all. Not sure if I like stat stealing that much, maybe mana instead? I guess stat stealing could potentially work.

-buu mankind attack cast time reduced

-> Ok

-buu wrap attack speed increased

-> Maybe by a bit

-revenge deathball aoe for uub and buu only AOE slightly increased

-> Not exactly sure if that's the core issue with those spells, but it's fine for now I suppose.

-broly's W range buffed

-> Don't really think that's needed, but maybe slightly if you insist.

-dabura's spit speed increase

-> Fine, but not by a crazy amount.

-final battle arena bigger

-> I plan to move it to Namek

-final battle occurs 5 minutes after the final main saga is dead or at the 50 minute mark(edited)

-> Ok

-black dragonballs removed from sagas, normal dragonballs transform in black dragonballs during and after the shenrons saga

-> Why? That will create a scenario where it might be beneficial not to use DBs when you have them, which would be stupid.

-turles fruit gives 100% mana back, no longer gives hp, stat gain slightly buffed

-> Ok

-king cold spawns on namek after the wishes have been made

-> Nah, I like the strategic aspect of him spawning a bit farther away.

-guldo dodoria gain a beam, burter hp buff, racome gains stomp skill that damages and fizzles
-king cold gains death ball

-> Not really needed, but will add some flavor in 6.3 I suppose.

-janemba saga spawns as bonus saga on the map during hirudegan main saga drops bunkai arts item (blink dagger)

-> Not sure what you are getting at with the first part, item idea is nice, but Janmeba is 6.3 stuff.

-janemba high attack damage high attack speed and crits fast movement speed too (a threat saga)(edited)

-> I will give him some normal spells, melee will be gone in 6.3.
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